Art Educator Blogs

Educator blogs provide teachers to share and document their knowledge, ideas and experiences with others. Almost anyone can set up a blog and begin to self publish and share their ideas with the public. The blogs listed below provide examples on how valuable blogs can be to gain inspiration and ideas which can greatly contribute to the improvement of any educator. Not only reading/following other teacher blogs but creating your own blog in order to share your own ideas is important to the professional development as a teacher. Below is a list of art educator blog that I found to be inspirational, full of valuable information and new ideas.

This blog has gained a reputation as one of the top teacher blogs online. Its focus is on art education and provides as a great resource for new ideas. Previous blog post topics include lesson plans, art projects, classroom management strategies and technology. One paticular post that I found interesting was called There’s an App for That: iPads in the Art Room. Two art teachers provided their insight on how they implemented the use of iPads in their own art classrooms. If your an art teacher and want to use more technology in the classroom, this article provides some useful tips to get you started. URL:

Katie Morris is a elementary art teacher in Kansas and uses this blog to document her experiences in the classroom. The blog also contains photos, artwork, student examples and reflections. Katie’s blog is a good example of how teaching blogs can be used to share information and ideas with other educators. Her post entitled Texture Hunt is a great lesson idea to teach children about texture. Blogs not only provide an opportunity to share ideas but also reflect on past experiences in which others can learn from. URL:

The author of this blog is Brian Crosby who has had over 30 years experience in teaching. He shares his extensive knowledge throughout this blog and has even written a book about utilizing blogging in the classroom. He discusses the importance of blogging in which it can help motivate students and teach them to become better writers. He suggests that blogging can help to create meaning and connect students to the outside world as they share what they have learned to other via online. URL:

As an educator, becoming more involved in the world of online blogging can be extremely beneficial. I have already started to follow many other online blogs that are specific to art and art teaching and have gained a lot of new ideas and resources. Blogging allows for a quick and convenient ways for teachers to share and document both good and bad experience so others can learn and benefit.


One thought on “Art Educator Blogs

  1. awalli05 says:

    I like these other blogs. It’s great you started following other blogs related to art. Did you search through this website or another? What qualities make the blogs important to you?

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